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Patient Testimonials

My story begins a long, long time ago, ever since I can remember I have had a tremendous fear of the dentist, basically caused by not so comfortable or friendly dental work! This fear became what was in charge of my dental health and it led to severe neglect on my teeth which caused massive infection, gum issues & EVERY tooth in my mouth, the ones that hadn’t cracked, chipped or fallen out, had problems. I was in a desperate position, on the verge of having a huge abscess nightmare when finally; magically I came to Phelps Family Dentistry!! After going to see a dentist that promoted no stress dental work for people with high dental anxiety actually told me that my case & anxiety about dental work was too severe for him to help, he recommended Phelps.

Of course I had to have my wife with me, we went into Phelps Family Dentistry & met with Dr. Dan Phelps (my soon to be hero) & he along with super sweet & calming Ashley, took the x-rays, did the exam, took the pictures, the whole 9 yards to see exactly what my situation was, it came back rather grim. Dr. Dan told me, I had several root canals that needed to be done, several extractions, crowns, a massive infection and very close to an abscess that would be the worst nightmare I had ever gone through. In this moment of , I should say, rock bottom of dental health, is where a light finally began to shine for the first time possibly ever!!

One of Dr. Dan’s greatest attributes is he lays it ALL out for you to see, he does it in a non-threatening & casual way, he said, we can fix your teeth, you can spend A LOT of money making them all look perfect BUT you’d have to come back & see me every 6 months, you’ll have to floss and maintain, but you’re not going to do that, that’s what got you here now, in 5-10 years you’ll be back in the same spot I guarantee. A very scary thought indeed, but it hit it right on the nose that is exactly what would happen. He recommended full dentures, upper & lower!! My first reaction was, holy cow, have I really gotten to that point at only 46 years old, dentures are for grandparents I had always thought. He showed & explained to me how dentures have improved from what I thought they were, they are completely REAL and NATURAL looking, you can even pick out the shape, size& color you want & the cost difference was immense.

To fix my teeth as they were to what they would be honestly would be around 40 THOUSAND dollars & at least a couple years of every month something major getting done, dentures would be only 10 thousand dollars & everything from extraction to clearing up the infection to clearing the gum disease would be in ONE day, one day I’d go from being embarrassed, low confidence, insecure person about my smile to someone smiling from ear to ear!!

I was about to open a new restaurant as well as my wife and I having our first baby, I decided, LETS DO IT!! I could not have done this without the calm, kind & friendly atmosphere from Dr. Dan & Ashley to the entire at Phelps Family Dentistry, they helped me find my courage and through this led me to my confidence!! Literally, ONE DAY, I went in around 8:15 am, they quickly put me out just as I took one last look at my old self full of decay, I woke up later that day around 3 with a mouth full of dentures that looked NOTHING like dentures, my teeth were straight for the first time ever, white, no spots or stains & my smile, OH MY SMILE, I actually had a SMILE!

All the pictures with my new baby boy I can smile big & proud & at my new restaurant I have confidence in talking with people all day long! This is a SUCCESS story & I owe it all to Phelps Family Dentistry, I wouldn’t be where I am now without them! My heroes, my friends & now family to me, thank you Phelps Family Dentistry!!