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Cosmetic Dentistry - New Hanover County

Providing Wilmington with Brighter, Whiter Smiles!

Dr. Dan and Dr. Lisa became dentists to help people be healthy and happy. There’s nothing more rewarding for everyone in our dental office than to see the transformation when a patient’s smile is restored or refined.

You may feel it’s almost a miracle when you see your new smile after cosmetic dentistry. We feel that way too! That moment is like the “reveal” on home makeover shows. Our patients’ faces could light up a room when they first see their own transformation!


for Willmington Smiles

  • Removing years of coffee, soda, or tobacco stains with our smile whitening treatments
  • Restoring the strength and appearance of your smile with durable porcelain veneers
  • Balancing the look of your smile with crown lengthening and tooth recontouring
  • Rebuilding your smile’s function and aesthetic with a Full Mouth Reconstruction

The options for cosmetic dentistry are created and refined all the time, and just like all of the services provided at Phelps Family Dentistry, we keep up with the changes with ongoing training and the addition of technology that helps us help our patients. This training and education, along with 25 years of dental experience, ensure that the treatments you receive are permanent and lasting, keeping you smiling for years to come!

The majority of procedures which fall into the cosmetic dentistry category are thought to be elective. Why would someone invest in a procedure that will have no impact on their overall mouth health? Because they need to feel great about their smile. Several studies have shown the power of an attractive smile, from higher social confidence to a stronger professional image. The more someone likes their smile, the more they express it and, the more someone smiles, the more benefits they’ll gain. In addition, many associate a beautiful, white, straight smile with intelligence, social status, health, and beauty.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures eliminate the necessity to hide teeth capable of causing confidence issues. In covering chips, removing stains, or other damage, closing gaps, and replacing lost teeth; cosmetic dentistry can help you love your smile.

Who’s A Suitable Cosmetic Dentistry Candidate?

Virtually any adult might be a cosmetic dental treatment candidate. Our first consideration is the overall health of the mouth. Existing dental issues like tooth decay or gum infection and inflammation will degrade the final result of any cosmetic procedure. So, attention is first provided to fundamental dental needs. With a foundation of optimal oral health, it’ll become possible to consider several cosmetic options.

Improving the appearance of one’s smile is the primary common characteristic desired by folks seeing cosmetic dentistry services. The particulars of how to accomplish this vary from person to person. Cosmetic dentistry will address various concerns, including:

  • Poor proportion between the teeth and gums
  • Disproportionate teeth sizing associated with the width or length of numerous teeth
  • Cracks or chips in teeth or a tooth
  • Slight turning of teeth or a tooth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Spots on teeth or a tooth caused by intrinsic stains or fluorosis
  • General discoloration that is caused by outside stains

Kinds of Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Phelps Family Dentistry will transform your smile in as few as two visits and provides these Cosmetic Dentistry services that assist you in improving your smile:

Porcelain Veneers

  • Corrects almost any imperfection in your smile. Dark/stained teeth, spaces and gaps, crooked teeth, broken/chipped teeth, small teeth, missing teeth, gummy smiles.
  • Beautiful, natural, healthy smiles. Your new smile is customized in tooth shape, color, and size to perfectly fit your facial features and structure.
  • Lasting investment in yourself. Your new smile is very resistant to future wear, darkening, and staining.

Full-Mouth Restoration

  • We now have done thousands of life-changing makeovers.

Sedation Dentistry

  • We provide gentle, safe sedation. With the most recent in sedation alternatives it’s possible to obtain the smile you want and ‘snooze’ through your appointments.

Gummy Smile

  • “Gummy Smiles” are caused by excess gum tissue over the teeth, which causes them to appear boxy and too short. We provide various solutions which will eliminate the look of “Gummy Smiles”.

Porcelain Crowns & Bridges

  • We utilize porcelain crowns and bridges that return strength to damaged teeth and replace missing teeth. We only use porcelain for our bridges and crowns, because it mimics the reflection traits of natural enamel.

To learn more info about our cosmetic dentistry in Wilmington, NC or to arrange a consultation, call our Phelps Family Dentistry office at 910-762-3481.

Porcelain Veneers

Our attitude and self-image are important to our well-being. Cosmetic dentistry can be a big part of that. It may be as simple as teeth whitening, which can brighten your smile many shades whiter. Or it could be the premier cosmetic service, porcelain veneers, where the front of the tooth is covered with thin wafers of porcelain to improve appearance and function.

Nothing is as transformative for your smile as beautiful, white porcelain veneers. They work just like veneers on other surfaces. White and strong wafer-thin porcelain shells are permanently cemented to the front surfaces of your teeth, completely changing their appearance. And yours!

Full Mouth Restoration

Our patients come to us with many different needs, and we’re glad to offer so many different restorative and cosmetic services. In some cases, most or even every tooth needs some type of treatment, and Dr. Dan and Dr. Lisa prepare a plan that treats each tooth individually, but also creates symmetry and proper function so your teeth work together the way they should eat, talk, and smile.

Full mouth restoration can include anything in our toolbox of dental services. We can replace teeth with dental implants, crowns, or bridges. We can fill cavities and cracks, or cover stains and imperfections with cosmetic bonding.

If your smile has suffered trauma from disease or an accident, please call us for an appointment to learn about what can be done to repair and restore your teeth.

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening involves exposing more of the tooth below the gum as a method to make your smile more even at the gum line. Or perhaps a tooth needs some restoration to repair the bone tissue underneath the gums, and we need to expose more of the tooth’s surface to treat it. Part of crown lengthening involves removing some of the tooth’s bone tissue to reshape it to align with the surrounding teeth.

Gum Recontouring – Gingivectomy

Gum recontouring is similar to crown lengthening and we perform this service most often when the gums cover too much of your teeth, giving your smile a “gummy” appearance. Gum recontouring does not involve removal of any bone tissue on the tooth itself. The gum tissue may be diseased, or our patient tries to hide their smile because it looks unattractive with so much gum showing.

It’s a simple process to correct this smile problem.

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is a simple yet versatile substance that we use to correct so many different problems with our patients’ smiles. Bonding involves the use of a resin, a thick liquid like glue, that is precisely matched to the color of your own teeth.

We use this resin to fill cavities. This is known as white fillings, and they’re stronger and healthier for you than traditional metal fillings. Bonding can also cover many different types of minor imperfections such as cracks, uneven tooth surface, or stains that can be removed from the tooth enamel. Our dentists apply the resin over and over in very thin layers, then exposing the material to a light set at part of the light spectrum that will harden the resin. Then, the dentist smoothes and polishes the resin until it is shaped correctly and looks exactly like your adjacent teeth. Even a tooth that has chipped can be restored with composite bonding. When the process is complete, you’ll have a complete tooth once more. There will not be a single crack or line where the tooth had chipped.

Tooth Recontouring

Tooth Recontouring is a very subtle procedure, but it can give your smile a better symmetry and evenness. Our dentists can correct the appearance of small imperfections in your teeth, such as a slight overlap or if one tooth extends further than another.

The process involves precisely removing very small slivers of tooth enamel, one at a time to make a tooth more symmetrical.

It’s one cosmetic service that makes a small difference, but still enhances your appearance. Cosmetic dentistry can be just like that, a series of small, subtle changes that make your smile just that much better. Perhaps no one will notice or know, but you certainly will, every time you look in a mirror!

Smile Whitening

At Phelps Family Dentistry, our patients can have their teeth whitened during a regular dental visit. They don’t have to make a separate appointment to have a whitening treatment. We use Philips Quick Pro, a quick process that can be done after your teeth are cleaned. This can brighten your teeth by several shades!

Other in-house options include Zoom, used with a brightening light, and DASH. Both whitening options take about one hour to complete, with a result of a much brighter smile.

Some patients may prefer whitening at home. For these clients, we offer trays you can take home that are prepared with Night White tooth-whitening gel. It will take several uses of Night White to get the results that you want, but you can whiten your smile at home, when it’s convenient for you!