Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry - New Hanover County

Helping Wilmington Families With Their Dental Fears!

How nervous are you about dentists? “Sort of…” “I want my mom!” OR “I’m outta here!”? We get it! Dentistry doesn’t have a good history of pain management — treatments just weren’t available long ago. But yesteryear’s dentists wouldn’t believe what we can offer to our nervous patients at Phelps Family Dentistry. Our patients come from Wilmington, New Hanover County, and other surrounding counties, and keep coming back because we can offer many other services in addition to general and preventive care. But another reason is that we go above and beyond in our attitudes about anxiety and pain management.

Our Focus on Alleviating Dental Anxiety

Not every dentist has the same approach to pain and patient apprehension. Some might not offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas), others might use Nitrous but not oral or IV sedation. We’re very assertive in that we believe in preventing pain, not just treating it. It’s much easier to prevent pain than try to make it go away.

We also want our patients to have options that they’re comfortable with. Everyone has a different pain threshold and we respect that. We don’t decide how to manage your anxiety. You do!

Your Sedation Dentistry Options:
  • Oral Sedation: Prior to your treatment, you will be given an oral anti-anxiety medication to help calm your nerves and relax you during your procedure. The effect is not long-lasting, and will fade shortly after your treatment. You will still want someone driving you to and from our office.
  • IV Conscious Sedation: Similar to our Oral Sedation option, you will be provided with an IV medication that will help you relax and alleviate your dental anxiety. Though you are conscious during the entire procedure, patients describe remembering the IV being administered, but the next thing they know, Dr. Dan or Dr. Lisa are congratulating them for a smooth treatment. Again, please ensure to have someone available to drive you to our office and home afterwards.
  • Nitrous Oxide: Probably the most common form of Sedation Dentistry, the use of Nitrous Oxide, or “Laughing Gas”, can put you at ease during your dental treatments, no matter how involved they may be. You will remain conscious the entire time, but you’ll not be bothered with the effects of your dental anxiety while our skilled team completes the work they need to on your teeth. With this method, you do not need a driver.