Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry - New Hanover County

Bringing Back Healthy Smiles to Wilmington Families!

Restorative dentistry is the practice of repairing damage that can happen to anyone’s teeth. In fact, nearly every person in the U.S. has had at least 1 cavity! And if you have been putting off your dental care, Now is the time to visit Dr. Dan and Dr. Lisa at Phelps Family Dentistry.

Our day-to-day activities can take a major toll on the health and functionality of our teeth. Through our Restorative Dentistry services, your teeth and oral health can be strengthened and returned to a healthier state. Don’t let the embarrassment of lapsed dental care prevent you from discovering a healthier smile!

Our Restorative Services can:

  • Restore minor decay with tooth-colored Fillings
  • Repair extensive decay with Crowns or Bridges.
  • Replace missing teeth with Dental Implants
  • Fit you for Partial or Complete Dentures
  • Extract any problem teeth

All of our treatments are performed gently, with minimally invasive processes and as little pain or discomfort as possible. Please let us know about your personal sensitivity to pain so we can recommend the anxiety and/or pain management therapy that is best for you. Dr. Dan and Dr. Lisa know that your dental anxiety can be the reason why you have avoided your dental care in the past. With our Sedation Dentistry options, they are confident in providing you with a relaxed experience, all while bringing back your healthier smile.


Those dark metal fillings have been largely replaced with “white fillings” that use a composite resin rather than a metal amalgam that can contain mercury. Because it’s a viscous fluid, it will fill in all the spaces in your tooth that are created when we remove any decayed areas. Also, this “white filling” is also known as tooth-colored. The restoration seamlessly blends with the rest of your tooth, avoiding that embarrassing metal look. Tooth-colored fillings that are harder to notice go a long way in restoring your confidence.

Porcelain Inlays / Onlays

Tooth decay can infiltrate large amounts of your tooth, both above and below the gumline. We use composite resin when the cavity is relatively self-contained, filling in the cavity with a white filling.

If there is a larger amount of decay that extends to the top of your tooth up to the cusps (the “points” on the top of your tooth), then we will use a porcelain inlay to restore the tooth. If the decay extends even further, beyond the top of the tooth and into the sides, then the restoration is called an onlay.

Just like white fillings, porcelain inlays and onlays are colored to match your own teeth, so when you talk and laugh, it will look like you have perfect teeth.

Crowns / Bridges

There are several ways to replace missing teeth when you’re a patient at Phelps Family Dentistry. Dr. Daniel and Dr. Lisa are both highly skilled in performing even the most complex dental restorations.

One treatment for missing teeth that most people are familiar with is the placement of porcelain crowns or dental bridges.

A crown, or cap, is an artificial tooth made of porcelain. It is custom crafted at a dental lab from molds of your mouth taken at our dental office. It is permanently cemented to any part of your original tooth that remains in the socket.

Dental bridges consist of one or more false teeth anchored to adjoining crowns, or perhaps to a partial denture that attaches to your adjacent teeth and can be removed for cleaning. A bridge can have specific cleaning instructions to make sure you get up and over the top of the bridge. We will show you how to take care of your bridge.


Dentures and partials are how many people are helped when they’ve lost one or more teeth. When you still have some teeth, perhaps a partial would be a good option for you. Partials are anchored to your remaining tooth with thin, flexible metal brackets. You take it out to clean it when you floss and brush your teeth.

Today’s partials provide a better fit than most older dental appliances. The better they fit, the better you can chew, therefore the healthier you will be!


Some of our patients have lost all of their teeth, either through disease or trauma. There are different options to replace your teeth, depending on your health, the strength of your jawbone, and other personal factors. Many patients opt for dentures. There are usually no surgical procedures that need to be performed in order to be fit for dentures.

Dentures are easy to take care of and can provide support for your cheeks and lips.

Dr. Dan and Dr. Lisa will place dentures for you that provide a good, firm fit for maximum contact with your gums, and in turn, with your jawbone that needs stimulation from chewing to remain strong and functional.

Oral Surgery

Your oral surgery needs can be met at Phelps Family Dental. Both Dr. Dan and Dr. Lisa can do teeth extractions. They can also remove wisdom teeth and are certified to administer oral and IV sedation for these procedures.

You can have any tooth extractions done in our office, with doctors who already know you and understand any special needs or anxieties you may have. A tooth extraction doesn’t have to be any more complicated than a tooth cleaning!

Emergency Care

When you have an accident to most parts of your body, you go to the Emergency Room or your doctor right away. You should do the same if you have a dental emergency. It’s important to act fast because if we can, we will treat you the same day so that we can save your tooth, if at all possible.

If you chip or lose a tooth or a crown, call us right away for instructions! We will see you as soon as possible for your emergency.


One important reason why we say we can keep our patients comfortable during their treatments is because of the technology we use. Today’s dental tools give us superior images to be able to spot any dental problems and make accurate treatment plans.

We use intraoral cameras, pen-sized cameras that let us see every tooth in detail. You can see too on chairside monitors! We also use Carestream imaging, which used to be known as Eastman Kodak’s Health group. You may want to frame those pictures! We also use cone beam technology that gives us amazing 3D images so when we’re planning implants or other reconstructive or cosmetic services, we have the best foundation possible to work with to make your smile natural and uniquely you!