Gum disease can lead to many different complications that involve some of the major systems in your body, like the heart and lungs, or the circulatory system. Locally, gum disease can even lead to the loss of teeth. When this happens, you risk weakening the bone tissue in your jaw that supports the muscles and tissues of your face. It’s important to treat any signs of gum inflammation and infection early.

We can begin to treat you once we notice signs of periodontal or gum disease. This is when the tissue surrounding your teeth becomes inflamed or infected. We’ll first clean out any decay and infection from the area surrounding your teeth. We may use a topical antibiotic called Arestin to treat your gums. We also may use Periochip. This is an amazing form of treatment that consists of small chips of gelatin that release an antibacterial agent over time. If necessary, we can repeat this treatment every 6 months or so.