See Your Future Smile with Digital Imaging

added on: February 25, 2020

When you make the decision to enhance or correct your smile, it is often challenging to determine beforehand exactly what type of outcome to expect. After all, your smile is a very personal thing, and changing that smile may feel as if you are changing your identity.

That is where cosmetic digital imaging enters the picture.

  • Digital imaging involves a computer software program which enables us to take your digital photo and manipulate it in order to reflect the treatments you are considering.
  • The outcome is a photograph that depicts what your smile could look like after the procedure.
  • Whether you are considering straightening, teeth whitening, veneers, bonding, or a full smile makeover, digital imaging technology allows you to see your future.

Digital Imaging: What’s involved in it?

The procedure is very simple.

  • Once the dental professional has finished your oral examination and gone over your smile objectives, a treatment strategy is created.
  • A variety of digital photographs of your present smile are taken and change factors are keyed into our computer.
  • The computer immediately generates one or more photos which accurately show how the changes are going to affect the look of your mouth, as well as the general appearance of your face.

It is a fun and exciting process. You can even take a photograph of the “new you” home to share with friends or family.

Educated patients make smart choices, and digital imaging gives you a glimpse into your future before you commit to any treatment.

What happens at your first visit to Phelps Family Dentistry?

During your first trip to Phelps Family Dentistry, we will perform a comprehensive examination. Next, we will take a complete set of X-rays, with the use of digital imaging technology rather than traditional X-rays. Digital images utilize less radiation and are much safer for you. In addition, we get superior photos of your gums and teeth, as well as the underlying structure of your bone.

If you’re interested in digital radiography, contact our dentists in Wilmington, NC at 910-762-3481 for your free consultation!

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