What Is Implant Dentistry?

added on: September 8, 2020

Losing teeth impacts more than your appearance alone. Simple tasks such as talking and eating become a challenge when you’re missing teeth. Phelps Family Dental has helped hundreds of patients with dental implants.

The dental implants procedure will give you the appearance and function of natural teeth. The tooth replacement method places the implants inside the jaw bone. implant dentistry

Implant Dentistry Process

Dental implants are surgically placed into the bones of the jaw. Bone tissue starts growing around the implants, which allows implants to quickly become fused into the jawbone. The root of the lost tooth is replaced and the implants then function as the root of the original tooth.

Convenience and comfort are our primary focus during the implant dentistry process. Your implant can be placed in the comfort of our office, rather than having you coordinate your treatment with a specialist.

After the implants heal and the restoration process is complete, often experience restored confidence. The implants also significantly alleviate prior issues with eating and talking. The result is a natural-looking smile that supports the facial structure and helps prevent bone deterioration that is often associated with missing teeth.

Implant Evaluation and Treatment

A dental examination is necessary for patients opting for implants. Health history of the patient is also considered. The dentist will address questions and concerns of the patient during consultations.

A single surgical treatment is all it takes to place the implants. The healing process could take 3 – 6 months after surgery. During the healing process the implants bond with the jawbone.

On completion of the healing process, the dentist will create the final denture. This will help improve the function and aesthetics of your teeth.

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