What To Expect During Your First Dentist Visit

added on: November 20, 2019
first visit to dentist

For some kiddos, a first dental visit can be exciting. However, many children can have a fear of the dentist since it’s an unfamiliar environment and a new experience. Introducing children to the dentist early (by three years old) can help ease angst and set them up for a lifetime of healthy habits.

Here is what typically happens here at Phelps Dental with the little ones and the dentist.

  • The hygienist will introduce themselves;
  • The child will be shown some of the tools;
  • The hygienist will do a basic cleaning;
  • One of the two doctors will come in and do an evaluation.

Some will gladly jump up into the chair, and others will sit in their parents’ lap. Either way is acceptable, as the goal is to ease the child into dental care. By taking time to show the child all of the tools, demonstrate what the tools do and take time, many times the children relax and are comfortable during the process.

We will talk to the child about good brushing habits, how long to brush and why it is important. We also talk to the parents about proper dental care for their child including routines, good diet and a lifetime of good oral care.

It is understandable for the small ones to be scared initially. Trust us; we have seen plenty of them, and over the last almost 30 years have honed the techniques to make visiting the dentist fun, not scary. It is our way of helping create a lasting professional relationship with a patient and a hopeful lifetime of professional dental care.

At Phelps Dental, we’re truly a family dentistry practice and offer a variety of services for our clients in Wilmington, NC and the surrounding communities. We accept patients of all ages and file insurance as a courtesy. We have computers to view images of your teeth and blankets in case you get chilled. Everything we do is designed to make your dental experience as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

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