How Can Tooth Loss Impact More Than Just Your Smile?

added on: November 7, 2020

tooth loss impact

When it starts to threaten your overall oral health, your dental professional might determine it is time to extract a tooth. Teeth do not simply become risks on their own. Extraction is typically required when abscesses, decay, injuries, jawbone weakening, and periodontal disease occurs.

While extracting a tooth may solve some issues, there are additional problems that can occur as a result. Eating may become more difficult since you are used to having a mouth full of teeth. You may suddenly find the missing tooth makes biting into specific harder foods more challenging. You see, our teeth are shaped differently because they possess different functions. If you extract one tooth, this function becomes more difficult to achieve.

Also, missing teeth may make talking a bit more challenging. You may even begin to speak with a lisp. It might make a part of your face appear deflated where the teeth or tooth once appeared. Another major impact you could face includes the placement of your other teeth. Most folks do not know that the position of teeth helps keep each other in check. This means the remaining teeth may begin moving towards the gap, causing more damage.

Restoring the Teeth

If you have lost a tooth or you need a tooth pulled, it is wise to seek options to get the gap filled. Fortunately, your oral health and a stunning smile are within reach! Dentistry advancements make replacing missing teeth an easy process. Utilizing up-to-date denture techniques, bridges, and implants, it’s possible to have those procedures tailored to fit your preferences and life.

Modern advancements are even leading the way to make dentures, implants, and bridges more affordable. As we continually adapt to new methods, we’re able to give more patients the healthy smile that they deserve. Needless to day, it goes beyond cosmetics. Getting those spaces filled is good for improving your oral health and overall health.

You don’t have to let a missing tooth or missing teeth impact your quality of life. For more information on our restorative dentistry please feel free to get in touch with our compassionate team at Phelps Family Dentistry at 910-762-3481.