How Frequently Should You Use Mouthwash?

added on: October 24, 2020


How frequently should you use mouthwash? Is it necessary? Are some mouthwash brands better than other ones? Those all are questions our patients ask while taking care of their teeth and gums. Here’s a little insight on the topic you may find helpful:

Mouthwash: Does it Really Work?

That’s an excellent question, as it may be used for therapeutic or cosmetic purposes. A cosmetic mouthwash will temporarily mask bad breath and leave a pleasant flavor in your mouth, but it isn’t a therapeutic remedy. If it doesn’t destroy the germs which lead to bad breath, it’s considered a temporary step, and categorized as a cosmetic dental mouth rinse. A therapeutic rinse works by controlling bad bacteria and might feature ingredients to help control conditions like tooth decay, plaque, periodontal disease and halitosis.

Active Ingredients In Therapeutic Mouthwashes

To therapeutically get rid of bad breath, you must pick a mouthwash which features cetylpyridinium chloride. Mouth rinses aimed at controlling plaque and gingivitis often feature chlorhexidine and/or essential oils. Fluoride in a mouth rinse fights decay; whereas, peroxide often is included to whiten your teeth. It’s possible to purchase an over-the-counter therapeutic mouth rinse or have a specific one prescribed by your dentist. What’s the difference between the two? Well, a prescription mouth rinse will usually feature chlorhexidine; whereas, a more natural breath freshener that is sold over the counter could feature ingredients like essential oils.

To ensure that you select a mouth rinse that’s therapeutic and not just cosmetic, check for the ADA’s seal of approval. This seal means the rinse is verified for its therapeutic quality. If you experience issues with halitosis, our team can also help you. Call Phelps Family Dentistry right away to arrange a professional cleaning and exam. While a rinse may be useful, nothing substitutes regular at-home brushing and expert exams and cleanings.

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