Teeth Grinding Increasing Because of Pandemic Stress

added on: August 14, 2021

teeth grindingResearch has demonstrated that teeth grinding has risen during the pandemic. Our team at Phelps Family Dentistry will help protect your teeth with knowledge and appropriate treatments.

Now that we are more than one year into the pandemic, we’re learning more about the various indirect effects that the coronavirus has had on our population.

We’ve seen it impact our physical health, our emotional health, and our mental health. Research is also demonstrating to us that the pandemic is affecting the oral health of some individuals.

There has been a 60 percent rise in teeth grinding and clenching, according to the American Dental Association. It’s common for some folks to clench their teeth during times of stress. Fortunately, teeth grinding is a simple condition to treat with a fast visit to the dentist!

You might not even notice that you’re grinding your teeth. There are a countless number of folks who grind their teeth when sleeping. It’s actually among the most common sleep disorders. Those without a history of teeth grinding might begin to grind their teeth at night if they have been more stressed than normal.

If you are rising in the morning with unexplained headaches or jaw pain, it might be worth a visit to the dentist to check if you are grinding your teeth in the evening. Teeth grinding, if left untreated, may cause accelerated wear to your teeth and cause jaw and tooth pain. The dentist has the ability to detect indications of grinding and create a treatment strategy to protect your smile.

Teeth grinding is a very common condition which dental professionals regularly treat. If you’re mostly grinding your teeth at night, the dentist might recommend that you wear a mouth guard when sleeping. Mouth guards are customized to comfortably fit inside your mouth. They’re very effective at protecting the teeth and could completely stop the grinding.

Our team at Phelps Family Dentistry is skilled at detecting indications of teeth grinding. We have the ability to correct any damage that might be done and advise you about how you can protect your teeth from undesired grinding in the future. Make an appointment today or talk to us during your next check-up.

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